Welcome to the STATUS trial

Many people regret having started smoking and want to quit. But quitting smoking is hard.  Relapse back to smoking after trying to quit is very common.

Smokers often need support to quit.

In New Zealand, standard quit smoking support typically involves brief advice to stop smoking, referral to a Quitline and a prescription for nicotine replacement treatment (NRT patches or gum). Some people are using e-cigarettes to try to quit smoking.

Smokers who have failed to quit using these treatments may be prescribed Champix (also known as varenicline). Champix is very effective at increasing the chances of quitting. But for some people Champix may not be enough.

The purpose of the STATUS trial is to find out if using Champix plus e-cigarettes could be better at helping people with drug and alcohol addictions and/or mental health conditions quit smoking than using Champix alone.

Recruiting Now

If you think you’d like to take part in our trial click here to read our participant information sheet.  This sheet will tell you more about the trial, who can and can’t be involved, and what it involves.

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